About Us

Velocity Films is a forward-thinking film production facility specializing in the customization of videos for companies seeking to define, enhance and expand the footprint of your unique brands. Simply put: You want to reach new buyers and increase sales—and that’s exactly what we want to help you do. In a world where the architecture of video production is changing at an astonishing pace—and attention spans dwindling equally as quickly—it is of paramount importance to capture your audience from the opening shot. An effective promotional product video traces a wide arc. The film must be both intellectually challenging and yet immediately graspable; it has to be visually enchanting and graphically on the cutting edge; and lastly and most importantly, it must truly reflect your philosophy, message and product parameters in a fashion that perfectly represents who you are.

Velocity Films is here to help you in this quest of discovery. We will guide you in the process from the development of rough ideas to the delivery of final cut. Velocity Films is relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of assisting you in fashioning, capturing and presenting your unique vision to the world. Tempered only by your own imagination, the ultimate video will present every facet and expression of your uniquely-marketed product from the subtlest and most sublime of features to the most complex and ornate elements of your design.

Whether you’re selling gewgaws, gadgets or gizmos makes no difference. Our Velocity Films studios will conceive and create singularly powerful and moving videos across all product lines and industries.

Velocity Films uses highly-advanced technology in meeting your needs. The bar on graphics, special effects and audio has been raised to insane heights—look at any modern video game and what you see will stun you—so it’s imperative that your video must also meet these demanding requirements. We will meet and exceed them. Our staff is composed of Hollywood’s most gifted editors with but one objective: to fashion a promotional video marrying the stunning elements of graphics and visuals with your particular product’s profile. Additionally, Velocity Films is a mobile company. No geographical boundaries. We will come to you.

At the end of the day, what you need to ask yourself is this: “Why should I hire Velocity Films?” We are a company—a community—of artists, technicians and professionals with a deep and abiding love for what we do. We would never release a video that is anything less than flawless. Perfect. We will walk you through every step of the process and offer gentle guidance or a more hands-on approach while also fielding your input. Cameras, microphones and sound gear are essential tools in the makeup of a production company—but remember they are only tools. Only when these tools are wielded by individuals with both the passion and knowledge to turn those instruments into something more than glass and metal, do they become implements of true creation—they become things of magic.


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