Velocity Films releases Tuff Luck documentary

Tuff Luck


“Tuff Luck was a band that released one album back in the 80s. Do they deserve a feature length documentary? After watching this film, the answer is YES! This movie sits right along side all the best music documentaries that have been made. If you like rock documentaries, you will LOVE this one. Professionally shot and edited, and great interviews with the band. One of the greatest bands ever!”

DAVE TEDDER | Hard Attack Magazine

“This film manages to capture a moment in time and bring it into the present with relative ease. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to play in a popular band, this film is a must see. If you’ve ever ‘almost been there’ as hundreds of musicians have, this film is a must see. If you currently play in a young band, this film is a must see.”

Steven Rosen |

“This is a devastatingly sad – but hugely uplifting – narrative about dreams unrealized, questions unanswered and hearts forever broken. But in watching this film, what you will find is a sense of joy in watching four musical brothers as they attempt to beat the odds in a triumph of human spirit and dignity. You will not be left untouched when you watch this doc.”

For every rock and roll band striving to grab that ever elusive brass ring and “make it” in the music business, there’s a million others, equally as talented, equally as inspired, equally as hard working, that unfortunately never get their shot for a confluence of reasons…timing, fate and just plain dumb luck.

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Tuff Luck Documentary Preview

Tuff Luck Documentary Trailer